Herd Share Program

Want fresh, creamy milk that comes directly from the cow without additional processing? Our herd share program is what you have been looking for!

Click below to discover the basics behind a herd share program

Effective October 1, 2018 NC legislation permits the sale of a share of the herd.  Click below and see last page of Senate Bill 711 for current legislation. 

How it works

1) An annual $50 buy in fee into the herd will be required. This entitles you to buy shares (1 gallon of raw unpasteurized milk = $6) on a weekly basis• A maximum of 4 shares can be purchased weekly and they can be picked up at our store weekly or bi-weekly. We are requiring payment in advance each quarter. An invoice will be emailed to you at the beginning of each quarter. If you miss a quarter, you will have to pay the buy in fee again if there are any remaining shares.

Yearly example for 1 share:
$50 annual herd fee
$6 per week x 4 weeks = $24 per month
$24 per month x 3 (one quarter) = $72
1st quarter payment of $122 ($50 + $72)
2nd – 4th quarter payment of $72 each
Yearly cost of one share= $338

2. When you pay the annual buy in fee, there will be a contract for you to sign that presents your responsibilities and what we expect from you. The contract also expresses our obligation to you and to our cows.

Click the link below to view a sample contract

Pickup is at our store only, and there are a limited number of shares