What we will be offering?

     1. We will require a yearly $50 buy in fee, and this entitles you to buy shares ( a share is 1 gallon of raw unpasteurized milk= $6) and you can buy up to 4 shares a week with one buy in.  You can pick up weekly or bi-weekly.    We require that you pay quarterly in advance.  So for example your buy in and first quarter for 1 share a week is

     $50 one time buy in

     $6 per week x 4 weeks a month = $24x 3 months(one quarter) = $72

     so $50 + $72 = $122 initially

     then $72 per quarter there on out for one share

You will be emailed an invoice at the beginning of each quarter.  If you miss a quarter then you will have to buy back in if there are any open shares.

     2. There will be a contract for you to sign laying out what your responsibilities are and what is expected of you.  Also what you can expect from us. 

     3. Right now we are offering On Farm only pickup.

     4. Sign ups will start on January 5, 2019 at the farm



​​Brown Creek Creamery

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Bill allowing herd shares, look on last page of the law

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