Handcrafted Quality

  • Peaches n' Cream - Wadesboro, NC
  • Natures Own - Southern Pines, NC
  • Southern Whey - Southern Pines, NC
  • Freshlist - Charlotte, NC
  • Waxhaw Farmers Market  - Waxhaw, NC
  • Davidson Farmers Market - Davidson, NC
  • Sandhills Farm to Table Coopertive - Moore County, NC
  • Rolling Hills Farm - Mint Hill, NC
  • Josh's Farmers Market - Moooresville, NC
  • Providence Produce - Waxhaw, NC
  • Providence Produce - Rock Store, Stallings, NC
  • Ashten's Restaurant - Southern Pines, NC
  • Nicholson Farm Store - Monroe, NC
  • Mild and Sharp Cheddar         
  • Pepper Cheddar
  • Creekside (occasional)
  • Ole' Buddy Blue
  • Queso Fresco (occasional)
  • Cheese Curds
    • Flavored
      • Italian
      • Ranch
      • Red Pepper
  • Fromage
  • Pimiento Cheese
  • Butter
  • Fudge
  • Soft Serve Ice Cream ( Seasonal )

About Us

Farmstead Cheeses

We also carry at the farm

Where you can find us.

Our Cheeses

​​Brown Creek Creamery

Handmade CHEESE

We make several types of cheese, all of which are made with fresh milk.  Mild and Sharp Cheddar, Pepper Cheddar,  "Creekside" (a Colby type cheese), Fromage, Pimiento Cheese, and Cheeseball in a Cup.  We also have butter, River Wild local honey, and farm fresh eggs, Greene Farm Beef.  All Local, All Anson County.

What does Farmstead mean?

We collect and use the milk from our own herd of Jersey cows that are located on site at the farm.

Why Jersey cows?

Other than having a very gentile disposition, their milk is higher in butter fat than Holstein cows, which makes their milk great for cheese and butter.