​About Us 

 At the Creamery, we believe that our cows are a gift from God and deserve the best care possible.  Our girls work hard to give us milk every day, so we do our best to make a high-quality product from the milk.  Our foundational belief is that everyone should get to know where their dairy comes from, and experience a taste of North Carolina agriculture along the way. 

Brown Creek Creamery is business that turned Jeff Poplin’s dream into a reality. With years of dairyman experience, Jeff’s love of cows led him to the purchase of milking equipment. With the acquisition of a registered Jersey herd in 2013, Jeff could begin doing what he loved. There was one rather large problem that needed attention…..what was he supposed to do with all the milk? Never backing down from a challenge, son-in-law Robert Stovall agreed to become the “cheese guy”. In May of 2014, a barn owned by Robert and his wife Jennifer was relocated to the store’s current location and construction on a new creamery began! In October 2014, Brown Creek Creamery opened and began its mission to educate the public about the dairy industry and provide them with irresistible dairy products!