Gert- The ring leader of all of our cows!


The Moo Crew

Our Jersey girls are the most important members of the crew.  Each one has a name and her own unique personality.  Why Jersey cows you might ask? Not only are they very gentle and curious, they make the best cheese, butter, and ice cream!  While they are very small framed compared to the other dairy breeds, they produce the most milk per pound of feed they consume.  Jersey milk has a very high butter fat content, making it a great choice for our products.

Jeff is our head dairyman.  He spends his time making sure our girls are happy and healthy.  Jeff handles everything from pasture management and feeding, to milking and cow care.  He makes sure that the tank has milk and the pastures have grass, all while still having a few minutes to catch a quick nap!

Have a cheese question? Robert’s your guy!  Robert’s specialty is all things cheese.  He spends 2 or 3 days a week making, packaging and delivering the different cheeses and butter.  When he’s not making everybody’s favorite cheese, or experimenting with new flavors, you can find Robert putting out fires at his other job

Jennifer is our chief dish washer!  You can find her in and out of the cheese room helping Robert and making deliveries, but if you ask her about cheese making she’ll say “that’s all Robert, I just wash the dishes.”

Brooke is our favorite calf feeder and errand runner.  She’s and expert bottle feeder, and loves the babies.  On Saturday mornings, you can find her feeding calves, but not for too long, because she’ll probably have to run to town to pick something up.


Matt and Sherry, the wife and son of Jeff, are the best milk hands around.  Sherry helps Jeff with the set up for milking every day and Matt is there to lend a hand when Jeff needs the day off.

Katelyn and Lucas are our events coordinators and helpers.  When they're not in school at NC State, they do a little bit of everything, depending on what has to get done.

We think Pudge and Sally are the cutest welcoming committee around! They make sure you always have some company on the porch, and all they ask in return is for a quick scratch behind the ears and a belly rub.